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Certificate Issue System

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Client Details

AinShams Engineering College
AinShams University

Services Provided

a Workflow system for issuing students certificate digitally signed, and legalized.

Project Timeline

Two months for the project development and testing.

Project Overview

  • The first e-signature certificate issuing system in Egyptian universities.
  • The system developed for Engineering College (Ain-Shams University).
  • The system includes workflow system from certificate request, reviewers queue, and final submission and approval.
  • with this solution certificate done just by clicking on sign with the smart token which carry the college dean digital ID on all the college students, after receiving it reviewed by the college admins in a simple and easy workflow for auditing and registering the certificate.

  • Now from one place the certificate is being registered, reviewed, and issued.
  • and as the system also integrated with the college LMS system, so acquiring information, and update students status is very easy, and grantee accuracy.

The Back Story

It was a exhausted work for the college administrators and the college dean to sign students certificates.

Also certificates until to be ready for signing was take a long process for review between offices, and it must moves to these offices one by one, until to be reviewed, and employees need to review it and also update the college software with the review data, it was a long, and hard process, so they have searched for a solution like what we have provided.