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About Quantum SIT

Automate your business process, and operate secured.

Quantum SIT is a limited liability company established at June, 2016, located in Nasr City, Cairo. A software house focusing on web based and Mobile applications. A security service Provider (Training, Software copy Protection, DRM, Identity Management, Security assessment and penetration testing).

Web Applications Development

Android and iOs Apps Development

with different programming technology teams, we cover Web, Mobile, Desktop, and Embedded software development requests either from direct customers, or from software houses like US.

New Innovative Security Solution

Data Encryption & Hiding


Secure Data Carrier (SDC)

New technology for Keyless Secure File Exchange. The file is incredibly secure and unbreakable.

Layer 2 File Security(L2FS)

(PHYSICAL FILE HIDING) An innovative technologies, protecting confidential data against unauthorized access

safe note


The art of injecting invisible File Content into an image pixel’s noise and color

Information Security

Our Best Services

Software Copy Protection, Data Rights Management(DRM), Identity Management, Web security, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Training and Consultation.

Software & Data Protection
Software Copy Protection (Web and Desktop applications). Data Protection (Video and PDF). Mobile App Shell Protection (against reverse engineering, malware and viruses, and against screen capture).
Identity Management & Security
Smart Cards-Tokens applications, OTP system, PKI infrastructure, Access Management, Custom and practical course for Smart Card applications developers and ecurity administrators.
Penetration Testing & Security Assessment
Testing our customers Website, Web application, Mobile Apps, and Network, report security issues findings, write the remediation manual, and provide training & consultation if needed.

Protect training files

We secure Training Content
Protecting Training files either Video, or PDF files against illegal copy, print screen, and screen capture.

We have different applications to protect Education Centers & Instructors training materials.

Applications for Desktop PCs, and special application for Mobile and Tablets devices.

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